Igreja de Santa Rita

Cartão postal de Paraty. Aqui se encontra o Museu de Arte Sacra de Paraty.

Colonial houses

Walking the streets of Paraty is like stepping back in time. The well-preserved houses are an invitation to nostalgia.

Colonial houses in Matriz square

The colorful houses and townhouses around Matriz square form an image full of charm and romanticism.

Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Church or Matriz Church

The imposing Matriz Church is the stage for religious celebrations and various cultural shows.

Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Feast

The traditional feast of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios - patron saint of Paraty - has its origin in France, from where it spread throughout the Iberian Peninsula and has been celebrated in Paraty for over 300 years, being the 2nd most traditional festival in the whole city.

Nightlife in the historic center

The historic center is also an invitation for relaxation. In the afternoon and at night, several bars and restaurants provide great moments of relaxation.


The Bloco dos Assombosos is one of the most anticipated attractions during Carnival.


Carnival nights are packed by the blocks and bands that roam the streets of the historic center.

Capelinha / Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church

The Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church, located facing the sea, in addition to religious celebrations also serves as a stage for many musical performances.

Streets of the historic center

At nightfall, the narrow streets of the historic center resemble a backdrop of bygone centuries.

Feast of the Divine Holy Spirit

The Emperor presides over the ceremonies of his party by handing out souvenirs and medals, releasing a common prisoner from prison, as an imperial indulgence, and receiving the honors of the local authorities and the usual obeisances. In the religious part, he presides over the processions and has a seat on the right side of the altar, on a richly ornate throne, bearing the imperial insignia: crown and scepter of silver.

São Benedito and Nossa Senhora do Rosário Feast

Patron of the slaves, Saint Benedict and Our Lady of the Rosary, in Paraty, has their party held at the end of November.


In the bonfire procession on Thursday night of Holy Week, devotees carry torches and candles through the dark city streets.

Santa Rita Church

The traditional festival of Santa Rita that has happened since the church was founded in 1722.